Children Play

Children Play

The society providing lot of options for Temples.


  • Level 1: Playgrounds for All Children
  • Level 2: Accessible Playgrounds with Ramped Play Equipment and Universally Accessible Swings
  • Level 3: Accessible Playgrounds with Universally Accessible Swings
  • Level 4: Accessible Playgrounds with Transfer Platforms and Ground Level Play Features

The park has very big walking track. it can be used by vasanth nagar people as well as guests.


This park is well known locally for equestrian activities. Activites are held in this park. Popular for cricket in the summertime with a turf wicket.

A small park accessible to the general public. small parks are frequently created on a single vacant building lot or on small, irregular pieces of land. They also may be created as a component of the public space requirement of large building projects.

Small parks can be urban, suburban or rural, and can be on public or private land. Although they are too small for physical activities, pocket parks provide greenery, a place to sit outdoors, and sometimes a children’s playground. They may be created around a monument, historic marker or art project.